TSI Custom T-Shirts is committed to customer safety. We provide added confidence and peace of mind with every customized t-shirt by following a strict phthalate free policy.

There continues to be questions swarming around the hazards of phthalates and TSI Custom T-Shirts has opted to elimate the guesswork. The Environmental Protection Agency has put phthalates on a list of chemicals that "may present a risk" to the environment or human health. Our entire line of products are printed with non-toxic, phthalate free ink.

Whether it's a custom tee shirt, reusable bag, apron, or hat, know that all of our merchandise is completely phthalate free. Phthalates were introduced in the 1920's as a type of camphor replacement and over the years have been transformed into a product found in shower curtains and carpeting. Studies have suggested that the phthalate chemical embedded in plastics can leak out, leading to potential dangers. TSI Custom T-Shirts is committed to providing safety for our customers and employees and has eliminated the use of phthalates altogether.

As you browse through our catalog of TSI Custom T-Shirts, reusable bags, aprons, and hats, know that sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. We promote an environmentally sound philosophy and take great pride in our dedication to the planet and the well-being of our customers. Go phthalate free today! Go with TSI Custom T-Shirts.