T-Shirts in the Dictionary

Have you ever thought about just how many ways there are to spell t-shirts? It's just one of those words you fiddle with, look up, and still hesitate to write every time. Is there really a popular, or more common way to write it? We conducted our own research on the subject.

In any paragraph, the two-worded Tee Shirt kind of jumps off the page, but the edgier, tees, might grasp a bit more attention. What about going back to the first sentence of this article and opting for the lowercase hyphenated words all the way across and blended within the sentence? Maybe it's the retail store catalog type of spelling of T-Shirt that appears best on the page.

There are so many ways to go, but putting all the letters together, without a break like in tshirt, just seems a bit awkward. The correct spelling of t-shirt is definitely something to consider, even if the answer eludes us for now.