A T-Shirt Story

Like most things, the T-Shirt actually has a history behind it. Dating back to the 1920's, the t-shirt made its debut during World War I, when the American soldiers became envious of their European counterparts, who weren't sweating on the front lines. The American wool uniforms were no match for the European cotton undershirts.

Movie stars of the 1950's brought the T-Shirt to the big screen, followed by a slew of television shows, commercials, and magazine advertisements highligting the newfound fad. While the 1960's, rock 'n roll, and the tye dye craze took t-shirts to the next level.

No looking back, sports teams, celebrities, school kids, and adults of all ages wore t-shirts into a lasting phenomenon. Ranked, by many, as the most popular wardrobe choice, tee shirts are comfort and style rolled up into one and can be found in closets around the world, uniting us all.